Marvel vs Capcom: Free Download For PC

Download the .zip file in the link provided. Download the file, then extract, then open the folder, then double click the .exe file. Once the program pops up, go to File then Load Game and choose your language. Basic controls: ENTER – Pause program (Need to pause to end program) F1 – Skip intro and choose Player 1 F3 – Insert 1 token (2 is required for 1 credit. Maximum of 9 credits) Go to the “Game” tab to set your controls for movement and attacks. Credit of cracked game goes to jameskhanki007.

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25 thoughts on “Marvel vs Capcom: Free Download For PC

  1. @erminthon if you have the game on a cd ,and you have the ps1 emulator then yeah you can use it on the emulator :D

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